TUTORIAL – Padded Carrier Beads –
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Collier carrier beads

Equipment used:

Steps of the realization :

Collier carrier beads - Etape 1

Print the grid of weaving above, you can select as your weaving so you find them more easily.

Collier carrier beads - Etape 1

Brickstitch or Peyote?

One or the other of techniques are possible : weaving in peyote or brickstitch.
I master better the weaving peyote (years of exercise helping), so I chose this technique, but it is enough to turn the grid in the other direction to get the pattern of weaving in brickstitch. And if you do not speak any of the two, we offer you also the tutorials to learn the basics of these 2 techniques on our site !

Collier carrier beads - Etape 2

The Toho Treasures and Miyuki Delicas are identical, both in terms of the size of the calibration, a length of 24 beads should be sufficient (I'm working with the brand Toho, a best price-quality ratio). Check all the same, wrapping the weave around the Carrier Bead, depending if you weave it tight or more loose.

Collier Carrier Beads - Etape 3

Close the weaving around the Carrier Bead, smoothing over the entire width of the weaving : the "suture" should not see.
Then iron a fold on the width of the weaving to secure the "seam". Finish by passing in 2 or 3 beads, in order to position the wire away from the edges (to make a yarn cut in the least visible as possible). Cut the remaining thread flush.

Collier Carrier Beads - Etape 4

Now, carefully pull the Carrier Bead of its "envelope" (you are not obliged to go out in full : it will be easier to re-insert). Drop a dot of glue Hasulith and lay it out a little bit.
NOTE : remember to check the correct direction of the pattern and geometrical in order not to have 2 grounds in the same way.

Re-insert the Carrier Bead. The dot of glue will serve to solidify the mount, and not that it slides over time.
For the central bead (red), you will need to insert 2 Carrier Beads, as it is wider.

Collier Carrier Beads - Etape 5

... it does you rest more than 16 :) !

Collier Carrier Beads - Etape 6

Put in place on your mat beads Carrier, taking care to sense. Then, place it in between each of the beads Hematite : small (4mm) inside, and the larger (6mm) outside.
Cut 2 referral of thread, approximately 60cm each, and thread the beads : a strand for pearls at the top, a strand for pearls at the bottom.
Once the threading is completed, put a Jumper wire protector : it can protect the thread of the friction and thus avoid that it breaks. Cross referred to it from the top and bottom and then leave in the opposite direction, so that your threading is pretty solid (you can make a small knot and put a dot of glue) . Do the same thing on the other side, and cut off the excess wires if needed.

Boucles d'oreilles Maxi Pompon et Tissage de perles - Etape 7

This step is not mandatory, it mainly depends on your personal tastes : you can decorate the pieces of lace with small pearls in hematite, in order to remind those who are on the collar.

Start by sticking each end tips cord 2mm with glue Hasulith. Thread a pearl 6mm on a rod, ball, crosscheck the excess with a cutting pliers, then create a charm by forming a loop with a blunt forceps (without closing completely), and then insert the charm on the end of cord and finish to close the loop).

Your paste is done ! The weave on Carrier Beads is simple and addictive, isn't it ?!

Collier Carrier Beads - Etape 8

The last step is very fast, you will see : Cut a piece of Lace, suedine metallisée of 1m. Put it in the rings of the Jumper wire covers . Thread a Bead sliding silver on the lace, and the other end in the opposite direction (Note : you can cut the tips of the lace at the forefront of threading more easy in the ring silicone bead sliding). Pull a little on the laces. Adjust the length of the lace up and confirm the need.
This simple and quick system to implement, it is perfect to put a piece of jewelry without having a clasp, and adjust it perfectly to his neck and to his desires!;) )

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird