TUTO – Collar Chic Black & Gold –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Bracelet manchette upcycling

Equipment used:

Steps of the realization :

Bracelet manchette upcycling - etape 1

To begin, cut approximately 50cm of chain. Place the strips of agate and hematite in the desired order, and then thread onto the chain.

Parure bijoux en perle - etape 2

Center (roughly) of the aiguillettes on the chain. Thread each side a small crimp, and then tighten it using a flat pliers. The crimps hold the strips in place.

Parure bijoux en perle - etape 3

Has 2 cm of the strips, pinch a new crimp bead on each side. They will be used to retain the small row of beads following it.

Parure bijoux en perle - etape 4

We are now going to thread a few small beads, to add to the chain, and attach to the loops. We donned here : 15 beads Toho Jet / 1 mini hematite gold / 15 beads Toho Jet. Finish with a crimp bead, then pinch it to keep the beads in place. Do the same thing for the other side.

Parure bijoux en perle - etape 5

Determine the length definite desired the necklace, and crosscheck the chain to balance the need, using a pliers. Then, place the ear tips cord ends : close, gently at first, the first fin, and then the second above.

Parure bijoux en perle - etape 6

We're almost there ! It remains only to put the clasp on one side, insert a ring junction and the clasp. On the other hand, simply insert a ring. Bravo ! Are you ready to put on with your collar chic ?

Parure bijoux en perle - etape 7

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Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird