TUTORIAL –Loops Chic Black&Gold –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Bracelet manchette upcycling

Equipment used:

Steps of the realization :

Bracelet manchette upcycling - etape 1

To begin, thread the beads onto your hoops. For this model, we proceeded as follows : 10 Toho Jet . 1 mini hematite gold / 10 Toho Jet / 1 lanyard hematite gold / 10 Toho jet / 1 mini hematite gold / 10 Toho Jet. tightly close the creole. To strengthen the whole (and to avoid that the creole does not open accidentally...), you can slightly crush the closure using a forceps, or to deposit a thin dot of glue on jewelry (or super glue).

Bracelet manchette upcycling - etape 2

Your pretty curls chic are almost finished : it remains for you to mount them on the ear hook. Just open the small ring on the hook using a pair of pliers, and then insert the creole through the hole provided for this purpose, and finally, close the ring with the pliers. Hop ! it is already done ! Small tip : To be safe of not losing your pretty curls, use small stoppers in silicone !

Bracelet manchette upcycling - etape 3

The loops being ready, you can have fun to make the topper complete, with the collar and the ring-bound!

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird