TUTO – Cuff Bracelet "Mosaic Upcycling" –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Bracelet manchette upcycling

Equipment used (Budget: 12 €):

  • Support Bangle Bracelet Brass (in MyLittleBird)
  • a piece of adhesive double-sided (or glue jewelry Hasulith)
  • scraps of leather straps
  • Scissors and/or pliers

Steps of the realization :

Bracelet manchette upcycling - etape 1

To begin, paste adhesive, double-sided on your bracelet. Take care that it goes well up to each extremities and all the way to the edges.
If you prefer, you can use glue to jewelry (type Hasulith). It will be more solid, but less easy to implement (because it is necessary to maintain the pieces of leather in place until drying complete)

Bracelet manchette upcycling - etape 2

Re-cut the scraps of strips if necessary : the edges must be cut clean and straight.

Bracelet manchette upcycling - etape 3

Now let your imagination run wild : nest of the falls of the strips between them. Please don't hesitate to mix the contents and effects, and to put in the horizontal and the vertical. Press well on the pieces, to ensure a perfect bond.

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird