TUTORIAL – Padded-Ethnic-Pink –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Créez mes Boucles d'oreilles Legères

Equipment used (Budget: 6):

  • Rods nails
  • Tips cord, 7x2mm + rings 4mm
  • 80cm Chain serpentine
  • 5 beads cubes Rhodonite
  • 4 Pearl Tico Beads pink
  • Pendant ethnic Zinc alloy

Steps of the realization :

collier ethnique rose fabrication etape 1

Mount each bead on a rod, nail: 5 beads cubes and 4 glass beads (keep aside 2 stems with glass bead), and then crosscheck the rod so as to keep a good centimeter. With the help of a blunt forceps, lift the rod to get a small loop (do not close it yet completely, the opening will be used to mount on the pendant).

To the charms of hand, they will serve as "connectors" (that is to say, they will have 2 loops, one on each side). It is thus necessary to leave a good inch of each side of the pearl (see pearl at the bottom of the picture). Fold in the same way, to get 2 loops. One is to mount it with a charm cube (charm plant), the other will be between the chain and the pendant

collier ethnique rose: fabrication etape 2

Now create the small charms-chains. Cut 5 pieces of chain 3cm long approximately. Place one tip of the cord using a pair of pliers to tips dishes : insert the tip of the string in the tip, fold down the first "fin", and the second from above.

collier ethnique rose: fabrication etape 3

Place your charms in the order, to have a visual of all of your lovely pendant.

collier ethnique rose: fabrication etape 4

Attach the charms on the pendant. Insert the chainettes in rings 4mm to be able to mount them on the pendant.

collier ethnique rose: fabrication etape 5

Mount now the last pearl, which will be the connector between the chain and the pendant.

Adjust the length of the chain according to your wishes.
To close the chain : either you're making a necklace, attach and simply hold down the serpentine with one (or 2) crimp. If you opt rather for a padded short, use the tips from the cord (step 2), and then attach a clasp.
Your lovely necklace is finished !

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird