TUTORIAL – Bracelet-Woven beads-japanese –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Créez mes Boucles d'oreilles Ethniques Chic

Equipment used (Budget: 10 €):

Steps of the realization :


For a start, please don't hesitate to choose your colors, and to imagine the pattern of your weaving (which should be simple : count 3 beads of height, about 23 rows). You can help the grid above, and get out your prettiest colored pencils :)


Start by preparing your referred thread. Thread your needle and have about 60-70cm of wire. For a practical reason, I leave the wire hooked to my coil up to the end. Start to move your needle in at the bottom... your needle should come out through the top


And it is left for the first row. Collect 3 beads (here with the Hybrid), and go poking in the hole in front.

On the inside of the bracelet, go back to the 3 beads in the opposite direction, to "close the loop". Here, you can make a small knot, this will help maintain your work.


Voila, nothing more complicated than that. A weaving simple... and effective ! You can start the following. We picnic under, 3 beads, sticks in the face, and back in the 3 beads.


Here is the schema that we have created for the occasion :

H = Hybrid
C = Cinnamon
P = Neon Pink

4 rows of 3H / 1C-1H-1C / 3-row C / 1C-1P-1C / 5 rows of P / 1C-1P-1C / 3-row C / 1C-1H-1C / 4 rows of 3H / 1C-1H-1C


To end your weaving, you can make this side also a small knot to solidify the whole. Then, still on the to, go back to the 3 or 4 last rows. Then cut your wire flush.
Do the same on the other side : cut the wire of its coil, a good ten inches, thread the needle, and iron in the 3 4 first rows. Cut to ras.

It's finished !

Have fun playing with the colors of the beads, and to vary with the colors of the bracelets (gold, silver, gold, rosé)

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird