TUTORIAL – earrings Ethnic Chic –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Créez mes Boucles d'oreilles Ethniques Chic

Equipment used (Budget 20€):

Steps of the realization :


Start by drawing, in freehand, the shape of the sheet "internal" of the pendant, then cut out carefully with scissors or a scalpel . (the sheet of wood is quite thin, simple scissors office will agree).


Check the dimension of the sheet, you can correct with the help of a scalpel, as needed. Draw, on the upside, the place of the party evidée.


Stick the piece of double-sided tape - it is important at this stage,because it will serve also to the sheet of wood, small in size, does not break while cutting. Then cut out with a scalpel, gently, in the small part evidée of the centre.

Once this step is thorough successful with success, you can glue the wooden sheet on the sheet metal.


You're almost there ! Mount the pendants on the brackets of the ear, by opening the pliers jewelry rings hooks, and then close the.

Last step, to complete the loop and add a detail of chic : paste the rhinestones on the wood. If you have an iron-on rhinestones, it's time to come out of the closet ! Otherwise, the tip of an iron, position sweet, will be very much the case. Bravo ! your earrings do not wait more than rocking up to your pretty ears!

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird