TUTORIAL – earrings Easter Bunny –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Créez mon roti en pâte polymère

Equipment used (Budget 20€):

Steps of the realization :

Let's begin by modeling the small egg chcolat. Prelevez a small knob of dough Wepam, and form a ball with the look of an egg. The height should be approximately that of a small rabbit.

Using A rod, nail, pierce the egg in the direction of the length. If you prefer, you can also let it dry in the egg and screw a small eyebolt screw then: the two techniques are the same :) ! Let dry for a few hours (a good night is perfect)

While the egg dries quietly in his corner, prepare the creole :

Take the 3 colors of beads TOHO Treasures (apple green, mint green, and bronze), and thread them onto the hoops . Here : 5 green apple/1 bronze/ 2-mint green/ 1 bronze... and so forth 3 times, then finish with 5 apple green. You can create your own suites and mixtures of colors ! Once the beads strung on it, close up the creole. Tip : you can add a tiny dot of glue to solidify.

Mount the charm Rabbit with the help of a golden ring, you are going to insert in the small bottom hole of the creole. Close delicately the ring using the flat-nose pliers.


The egg is dry enough : it is time to pack it with gold leaf. Prelevez a piece of gold leaf, and paste using the brush and a drop of nail glue around the egg. Arrange the sheet so as to leave beyond the high half of the chocolate (it gives us hungry!). Let dry a few minutes : it must be dry to the touch to be able to handle the egg without risk of taking off the gold leaf.

Crosscheck the tick , it must exceed about 1cm. And then curl using the pliers to round-end. Do not close completely the upper.


Just as with the rabbits, climb in the charm egg over the hole lower than the creole, and close complement to the loop of the stem that you just created. Then mount the bracket of ear hook. Your earrings are complete !

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird