TUTORIAL – Mini-Embroidery hoop Ft. Fabric Liberty –

Créez mon roti en pâte polymère

Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

Bijoux sapin

Prepare your piece of fabric : redécoupez the if needed (it should be about 1cm all round larger than the circle embroidery), iron-the.
Lay the fabric on the wooden plate (inner, smaller), and then go in the circle. Adjust carefully until you get to the edge of the circle.

Puis coupez la cime à l’aide de la pince coupante à la hauteur souhaitée

Fold the excess fabric to the inside, so that nothing protrudes. You can use a dot of glue or trim as needed.

Remplissez vos fioles d’un fond de paillettes blanche, pour imiter la neige fraiche

Install the screw and tighten the nut, to keep your work.

Formez votre boule et repliez les bords, afin de cacher l’interieur.
Place a thin fillet of glue to jewelry all the way around the back of the circle, and drop a wooden plate on the back to complete your circle.

TIP :You can now mount your circle according to your desire :a brooch, a necklace, a ring (we suggest to the latter the mini-round circle of 2.5 cm diameter)

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird