LEVEL : ★★☆

Créez mon diagramme Oiseaux Tropicaux

Equipment used :

Diagram :


★ For the bird with a small houpette on the head : it starts to weave at the place indicated by the arrow, and then one progresses in weaving first the ranks of the right. Once these rows are completed, we return to the start and progress is being made this time to the left > we will first finish the houpette then continue with the rest of the bird.
★ For the other bird, It begins to the arrow n°1 and it is woven from the ranks of the right. Then it restarts at the place of the arrow n°2 and continue to build the ranks of the left.

Bravo ! you have finished your pretty a couple of Tropical Birds !Their small final size (about 2.5 cm high and wide for both).you will then wear adorable small pin that can be worn together, or earrings for example.

Diagram made by Virginia of the "Stars Pistachio" - https://www.instagram.com/etoiles_pistache/