Créez mon roti en pâte polymère

Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

Bijoux sapin

Carrots : take a little fimo orange, spread it and cut into rectangles purposes.

Puis coupez la cime à l’aide de la pince coupante à la hauteur souhaitée
The Tacos : take the fimo, light yellow. Spread it out, texture it with a toothbrush and then add color with chalk pastels. To finish, cut small triangles.

Remplissez vos fioles d’un fond de paillettes blanche, pour imiter la neige fraiche

Cubes of Emmental cheese: take the fimo, light yellow, spread and cut into squares. You can texture of small holes if you want.

Cubes of goat Cheese : mix of fimo translucent and sand colored black. Roll into sausage and cut slices.

Formez votre boule et repliez les bords, afin de cacher l’interieur.
Cherry Tomatoes : form small balls of fimo red, then add green stems. Shape and lengthen the rods with the modeling tool sharp.

Le Sandwich

Black Olives : make balls slightly oval in fimo black. To add more details, dig the olives "denoyautées" with a dotting tool

The stuffed green Olives : make balls of fimo green (you can make your green needs). Dig with the dotting tool, and put the fimo red orange.

Le Sandwich

Slices of Sausage : mix of fimo red and brown to get a nice bordeaux. Then to mix slightly with slivers of fimo translucent non-homogeneous. Make a sausage and cut slices.

Cook all your small items according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Le Sandwich

Your items are cooked, you can arrange them and stick them in the dish, using a pliers if needed.

TIP : instead of putting glue on the plate and lay out your elements, you can take the element with a pair of pliers, and go and touch up the glue in order to deposit a minimum top.


you can make a guacamole with the fimo green (melangée a hint of white), textured with a tool, for the centre.

Bravo! Your Platter Appetizer is now finished ! (and if it has given you are hungry... go cook a real ???? !)

Tutorial realized by Missfimolove - http://instagram.com/missfimolove