LEVEL : ★☆☆

Créez mon roti en pâte polymère

Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

Bijoux sapin
Paste the cabochon on the base using the glue, and let dry a few minutes.
During this time, you will be able to proceed with the mounting of the strap : put a light dot of glue to the inside of the tip of the ribbon, insert the suede-like and close gently the tip using the flat pliers.
Puis coupez la cime à l’aide de la pince coupante à la hauteur souhaitée
Insert a ring and the clasp, and close it gently.

Remplissez vos fioles d’un fond de paillettes blanche, pour imiter la neige fraiche

Measure your wrist (not forgetting to count the length of the connector, and adjust the suede if necessary).
On the other side, after you have pasted/closed the terminal end of ribbon, insert a ring and the connector, and then close the ring.

Le Sandwich
With a last ring, insert the small charm in the glass on the connector, which end on the bracelet.

Bravo! Your Bracelet is now completed ! Feel free to play with the many styles and themes of cabochons, vary and even mix the cords, adjusting the width of the tip of the ribbon.

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird