LEVEL : ★★☆

Créez mon roti en pâte polymère

Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

Start with the frame of your wreath using the wire alu : determine the diameter (you can help yourself from a template : bottle, cans, vase...), make 2 more turns of wire aluminium to solidify, and then bind the whole thing with a knot strong cord (or nylon thread).
Bijoux sapin
Let's move on to things "serious" : realisez of the small branches of the fir tree with the pearls of hama. Iron to soft iron, and again and again... until you have enough strands to do the trick !
Puis coupez la cime à l’aide de la pince coupante à la hauteur souhaitée
Thread the frins on the cord (or nylon thread) ...

Remplissez vos fioles d’un fond de paillettes blanche, pour imiter la neige fraiche

... and then adjust the blades according to your taste.

Formez votre boule et repliez les bords, afin de cacher l’interieur.

"Braid" finally the strands around the frame in alu, tighten it securely (but gently, not to break the strands), and then finish with a knot strong.

Add a nice knot in the ribbon of your choice.

Bravo! Your Crown of Christmas is over ! You can decorate your pretty wreath with decorations christmas, or even other reasons, christmas beads-hama.

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird