LEVEL : ★☆☆

Créez mon roti en pâte polymère

Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

Bijoux sapin
Start by assessing the height that will make your small trees, simply by posing at the side of the vials.
Puis coupez la cime à l’aide de la pince coupante à la hauteur souhaitée
Then cut the top using the pliers to the desired height

Remplissez vos fioles d’un fond de paillettes blanche, pour imiter la neige fraiche
Fill your vials a background of glitter white to mimic snow fraich
Formez votre boule et repliez les bords, afin de cacher l’interieur.
Then drop your christmas tree dns its vial. You can center it using a pliers if needed. Close your small plugs of liege, having previously placed a thin fillet of glue around the cap.

Le Sandwich
Screw the screw hooks on the plugs : you can strengthen the mount by putting a light dot of glue on the tip of the nipple before screwing.
Once dry, you can mount your vials on the racks of earrings and on the necklace.


You can also use vials in small decorationd e table : in this case, you stop at the step of the plugs closed. You can also have some fun to decorate your trees with small decorations shaped by your care, with a paste sechant to the air, for example, or polystyrene beads painted, which mimic that of the balls of Christmas...
Voila you now adorned with your jewels of the festival, which will be a sensation !

Tutorial made by Stephanie of MyLittleBird