TUTORIAL – Picnic in Polymer clay –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Créez mon roti en pâte polymère

Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

La Salade.
The Salad:
Using Fimo green and yellow, make several types of green. Mix-sets, non-homogeneous, then flatten slightly the pudding obtained. Cut slices in the direction of the width
Texturez ensuite vos morceaux de salade  l’aide d’outils de modelage.
Texture it, then your favorite salad with the help of modeling tools.

Formez un fin boudin de fimo Jaune, puis tranchez-le de facon à obtenir des grains de mais.
Form a thin bead of fimo Yellow, and then slice so as to obtain grains of maize.
Formez votre boule et repliez les bords, afin de cacher l’interieur.

Place your salad leaves in a bowl. Add a few pieces of corn (made by means of small yellow balls), and slices of canes, tomato and onion.

Tip : You can use a point-of-Fimo Liquid to paste elements between them.

Le Sandwich
The Sandwich :
To make the sandwich, prelevez a bit of fimo Sahara, and form 2 rolls . Give a look to "rounded" to one of the struts, and then texture ledessus using a fine tip to give it a more realistic. Add a bit of chalk pastels in brown and ochre to imitate the cooking of the bread.
Rajoutez des détails à l’aide d’une pointe fine.

Assemble your 2 loaves of sliding to the inside of the slices of sausage and salad.

To make hard-boiled eggs, add just a bit of fimo white under the edge of the cane, in order to obtain the convex side of the egg.

Le dessert
Dessert :

Make 2 small cookies using the dough Sahara, texture it slightly using a fine tip and add a few chocolate chips. You can work the side "cooked" using chalk pastels.

Arrange in the plate (in the sticky using a bit of fimo liquid) with a few nice slices of cane watermelon.

It remains for you to cook your picnic according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Once cooked (the dish goes in the oven), you can fold a small piece of tape in lieu of a towel, and have your picnic on a small wooden tray.

Tutorial realized by Missfimolove - http://instagram.com/missfimolove