TUTORIAL – Necklace-Herringbone –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Créez mon collier chevrons

Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

Préparez vos 6 tiges. Enfilez les perles de façon à avoir 3 paires de tiges.
Prepare your 6 rods. Thread the beads so as to have 3 pairs of rods.
Commencez à recourber à l’aide de la pince à bouts ronds les extrémités des tiges
Start to curl with the help of blunt forceps, the ends of the stems. Leave a slightly open pair.

Puis préparez vos chevrons en accrochant vos tiges perlées, paire par paire. Vous devez vous retrouver avec 3 chevrons.
Then prepare your rafters by hanging your rods beaded, pair by pair. You should end up with 3 chevrons.
Montez votre premier chevron , à l’aide de 2 anneaux, aux 2 extrémités de votre morceau de chaine.
Edit your first chevron , using 2 rings, the 2 ends of your piece of string. You can insert a small charm to add a little bit of fantasy. Carefully close the rings with a flat pliers.

Coupez la chaine, des deux côtés, à 2 cm environ.
Cut the chain on both sides, about 2 cm.
Puis procédez comme pour le premier chevron, en insérant dans l’anneau le second chevron entre les 2 morceaux de chaine.

Then proceed as for the first chevron, by inserting in the ring a second chevron between 2 pieces of chain. Carefully close.

Proceed the same way for the last chevron, taking care to cut your pieces of string to the same length

TIP : you can count the number of links, so be sure to have the same length of pieces of string.

Bravo! Votre Collier sautoir à chevrons est maintenant terminé.
Bravo! Your Collar choker herringbone is now complete. The chain length is sufficiently long, you can thread it around the neck directly ! It does not remain you more that to decline the model according to your favorite colors (please Do not hesitate to place elements in natural pearls, such as stone or wood, for an effect ultra-trend)!

Tutorial realized by MyLittleBird - All rights reserved