TUTORIAL – Pana cotta in polymer clay –
LEVEL : ★☆☆

Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

Prenez votre Fimo blanche et formez un dôme
Take your Fimo white and form a dome slightly rounded adapted to the size of your plate (here, 1cm approx)
texturer légèrement à l’aide d’une vieille brosse à dents.
You can texture lightly using an old toothbrush.

Afin de réaliser la mûre, prélevez une petite bille de pâte Fimo Prune.
In order to achieve the blackberry, take a small ball of Fimo Plum. Place it on the dotting tool round to give him a form slightly conical.
Réalisez un très fin boudin de Fimo Prune et découpez-la en très petits morceaux
Make a very thin sausage of Fimo Plum and cut it into very small pieces : they mimic the seeds of the mulberry.

Formez une-à-une les graines et disposez-les à l’aide d’un dotting tool sur la mûre.
Form a-to-a seeds and arrange them using a dotting tool on the blackberry.
Put them to cook in the oven according to the manufacturer's requirements.
Placez votre Panna Cotta dans son assiette, et fixez-la à l’aide d’un point de colle.

Place your Panna Cotta in his plate, and secure using a dot of glue.

Add the coulis and Blueberry (you can "draw" the grout using the tip of a dotting tool to make it "flow" to your liking.). On the grout is still fresh, place the blackberry on the top, and garnish with a few mini-slivered almonds in a plate. Allow it to dry.

Votre dessert Panna Cotta à la Mûre est maintenant terminé
Bravo! Your dessert Panna Cotta with Blackberry is now complete. You can arrange it in a showcase miniature, a dollhouse or mount in jewel gourmand !

Tutorial realized by Missfimolove - http://instagram.com/missfimolove