Tutorial - Pumpkin fun in polymer clay –
Level : ★☆☆

Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

Once you have your materials together, mix the dough orange pulp and yellow sun (half of the dough yellow dough orange).

With the paste thus formed, a ball of 1.5 cm diameter approximately.
With the help of the great picnic in the wood (with the pointy ends have been cut using the cutting pliers), make a hole in the dough ball to a thickness of 2 mm.

With the toothpick, make a small hole in the dough ball to the opposite end of the previous financial hole, and make grooves all around the ball, at regular distances, by pressing lightly with the toothpick positioned "flat" on the ball. These grooves need to go on the big hole to the small hole to its opposite.

Roll out roughly a piece of green dough (by hand) to have a plate thickness of 1.5 mm approximately. Use the cutter of precision to cut out a shape of a leaf.

Rework the outline of the shape to the hand for giving him more the aspect of a sheet, and then use the sharp pointed tool (or toothpick) to draw the veins of the leaf.

Make a small coil of 2 mm diameter and 1 cm in length with the green dough. The bend in order to simulate the tail of the pumpkin and drag it into the first hole made with the great picnic in the wood.
Place the sheet on the pumpkin in the "sticky" at the tail end of the pumpkin.

Make a small ball of green dough and slide it into the small hole opposite done with the toothpick.

In the green dough, make a coil of 1 mm diameter and 3 cm in length. Place it on the top of the pumpkin by making it pass between the tail and the sheet and making her pretty curls.
Bitten the nail to the eye (prior shortcut using the pliers) between the tail and the leaf of the pumpkin, on the end flange positioned just before.

In the white dough, make two small balls and flatten them to get the 4 mm round in diameter and 1 mm thick.
In the black paste, make two small balls and flatten them to get round 2 mm diameter and 1 mm thick.
Place the black circles on the round white without the center to form eyes funny, and put together on the pumpkin, between the leaf and a green buckle.

With the toothpick, make two small holes, one in the bottom left of the eye on the left and one to the bottom right corner of the eye to the right. This will be the ends of the mouth of the pumpkin. Using the pointed tool, draw a rounded ranging from one hole to the other to complete the mouth of the pumpkin.

In the red paste, forming a small oval, 6 mm long, 4 mm wide and 1 mm thick. Cut one end with the cutter for precision and make a notch in the middle without cutting completely through the dough. This form of the language, it only remains to place it in the middle of the mouth toward the bottom.

Bake 30 min in an oven at 110°C.
Your pumpkin fun is over !

Tutorial realized by Ptitamande - http://ptitamande.canalblog.com