TUTORIAL – Shamballa Bracelet –
LEVEL : ★☆☆


Equipment used :

Steps of the realization :

- Thread all of the beads on the thread of 30cm (black), in the final order you want (The 2 small beads should be on the ends).

- Tie a small knot at each end (you can add a dot of glue or burn the ends to be sure it fits well).

- This thread will be our over the middle.

- Stick the wire in the middle on your work surface with a piece of adhesive tape, leaving the small pearl at the top, and the other at the bottom of the thread.

- Bend the wire 150cm (purple) in 2, and make a knot on the black thread to about 5cm from the end.

- Pass the wire left on the wire in the middle

- Then under the right thread

Pass the right thread under the thread of the middle

- Then under the wire left out of the loop.

- Tighten to make a knot.


- Then redo the same step, starting this time from the right thread... and so on... until the next pearl.

Tip : You don't know if you just start with the wire on the left or the right ? Look at the last node : if the vertical wire is to the left, you need to make your next node to the left.

Variation : You can make a bracelet with twisted pair, starting always by the same thread .

- to insert a bead in the nodes, bring the bead up to the last knot, make a knot and continue weaving

- Then we continue by inserting the beads at the desired locations until the end

- Using a large needle, tuck the 2 ends of yarn mauve by passing it in the 1 or 2 last nodes in a braid. Cut the excess wire flush.

- Gather the 2 pieces of black wire so that they are parallel.

- With a fall of over mauve cut off previously, Make a knot around the 2 black wires and start the braiding from the start.

- Braiding on approximately 2 cm, and then finish tucking wires purple with the needle.


More generally,you need to :

- about 2m of nylon thread 1.5 mm or 2mm

- about 7 beads ( 7 to represent the 7 chakras) + 2 small beads for the ends

Customization : the colors of the wires and beads are just an example, please do not hesitate to make your imagination to create bracelets truly unique !

Tutorial realized by MyLittleBird - All rights reserved